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swficathon fic: Cold in Stormy Weather (PG, 1/1)

TITLE: Cold in Stormy Weather
AUTHOR: Shane Vansen
CATEGORY: Sheppard/Weir friendship/UST, A/A, drama
SPOILERS: none, but takes place between Coup d'Etat and Sunday, or in a magical timeline where Sunday and First Strike/Adrift/Lifeline never happened.
LENGTH: ~5300 words
SUMMARY: A potential new ally asks for Atlantis' help. Of course, things never go according to plan.
DISCLAIMER: it's probably best that they're not mine; I'd screw it up. Then again, at least we'd still have Elizabeth.
AUTHOR'S NOTES: For peanutbutterer, who requested "physical contact, an argument, and a Mudslide (drink or dirty outdoor adventure - your choice)" for the swficathon. Many, many thanks go to fantabulous betas vicki_james98 and anr, the latter of whom provided a good chunk of an important conversation and the title. And, y'know, spearheaded the whole ficathon in the first place. :D

Remaining errors are entirely my own.

Sometimes, he really hated when she got rational
Tags: 2009, stories

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