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bonus fic!: Not So Complicated (R, 1/1)

TITLE: Not So Complicated
AUTHOR: Shane Vansen
CATEGORY: Sheppard/Weir fluff, mild smut, mild humour
SPOILERS: none, but sort of a post-S5 AU
RATING: R (non-graphic sexual situations)
LENGTH: ~1500 words
SUMMARY: "Shouldn't be so complicated/ Just touch me and then/ Just touch me again" -- Bent, Matchbox20
DISCLAIMER: it's probably best that they're not mine; I'd screw it up. Then again, at least we'd still have Elizabeth.
AUTHOR'S NOTES: This is based on peanutbutterer's other prompt for the swficathon: snark, jealous John, and gift giving. I didn't feel it was substantial enough to warrant being my entry for her, but hey, why waste an idea?

Many thanks to vicki_james98 for betaing, and to heimedall, grav_ity, and trialia for offering to help with the title. Honestly, I think it took longer to decide on that than to write the fic itself.

Atlantis stuff -- you understand
Tags: 2009, stories

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