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Lantean Downtime (R)

  Title: Lantean Downtime

Author: [info]xakliaaeryn 

Rating: R (to be safe)
Word Count: 1, 902
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters or premises, if I did, Torri would never have left Atlantis :-).  I also don't own any of the songs I have used herein.  They are simply songs I have a great appreciation of them!
Spoilers:  Post-season 2 is game.

 Comments: I'm sorry this is so late, I've had real trouble getting it together for this one :-/  I'm ashamed... Anyway, thanks to my lovely beta and cheerleader [info]dreximgirl  for her support and help with this.  :-D  There is actually a PG-13 ending I've done, but I'm afraid this one won out, I hope you enjoy!  :-)

Summary:  'At some point, someone thought that what Atlantis really needed was a karaoke machine'
Lantean Downtime (R)Collapse )
Tags: 2009, stories

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