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Fic: A Lot Like Christmas

Title: A Lot Like Christmas
Rating: PG
Category: Fluffity fluff fluff.
Spoilers: The Long Goodbye. All others are negotiable.
Disclaimer: Not mine, not makin' money.
For: admirallily who has waited a HUGE long time for this. Hope you like!
Author's Note: Back-up sparkython story. Props to Mel and Inga. For different reasons listed at the actual story. :)

A Lot Like Christmas
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"With A Bottle Of Red" for babylil

Title: With A Bottle Of Red
Rating: PG
Category: John Sheppard/Elizabeth Weir.
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: Owned by others. Pay them.
For: babylil who has incredible patience and asked for a shower scene, a reasonably optimistic ending, and John/Elizabeth out of the city together.
Author's Note: Written as a back-up for the swficathon... yet even this is late, and may babylil forgive me for that. So much thanks to mspooh for the beta.

With A Bottle Of Red
Tony and Michelle - Spin

New Fic: Birthday Enthusiasts 1/1

Title: Birthday Enthusiasts
Author: Trinity Everett (astrum_presul)
Rating: PG-13
Email: TrinityEverett@gmail.com
Spoilers: Before I Sleep
Paring: Sheppard/Weir
Summary: "So you thought it would be fun to have the natives embarrass your boss on only her second, non-rescue-based trip off-world?"
Disclaimer: These characters are not mine. Please take no legal action against me.
Notes: This is a piece for cavee as part of the swficathon. I know I'm the backup writer, but I'm sorry this is so late! I hope you like it! The critera was: Elizabeth going off-world, smug John, a bit of Rodney without including: Weird stalker-y behavior, character bashing, spiders.

Birthday Enthusiasts,

Fic: The Colour Challenge

Title: The Colour Challenge
Author: finnstardust (backup writer)
Rating: PG-13 or whatever it is these days.
Spoilers: Nothing past Intruder
Summary: "Why do you always wear red?"

Author's note: Thank you anr for the beta and pointing out a silly mistake I made with the point-of-views *smacks head*. This was written for ms_smooth who wanted romance and humor but didn't want non-con, death or extreme violence.

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Fic: A Perfect Fit

Title: A Perfect Fit
Genre: Fluff!
Rating: Pretty safe
Pairing: Shep/Weir!
Length: 4,815 words
Assignment from: kwayera
Who would like: - clothes stealage (i.e., Elizabeth nicking John's shirt and refusing to give it back, for whatever reason) - and some mention of coffee - a non-established relationship - something light and sickeningly fluffy, because Kway needs fluff. ;)

A/N: Kway, I’m sorry this is so late, but I think I’ve got exactly what you were looking for. Thanks for the great prompt.

Special thanks to pixie_on_acid and raisintorte who ironed out each and every rough patch and brought about a better finished product. Shiny.

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Misc: Peace dove

For wendyparkinson

Title: The Unexpected
Author: vicki595
Category: Humor?
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None
Summary: She may have learnt to expect the unexpected, but Elizabeth never would have expected this
Author's Note: Thanks to the fabulous babylil for the beta. And so many apologies for the lateness *glares at life, the laptop and everything*
wendyparkinson wanted: Elizabeth and John trapped or stranded somewhere alone; a
confession, but not of love; Carson Beckett.
But didn't not want: John risking his life, Simon, the Wraith

I tried ;)

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she makes me smile

Ficathon entry for naushika At 11:30 pm! Ha!

*BAM!* And then it was done. And I sincerely hope it doesn't suck *grimaces*

Title: Eulogy

Author: Icarus (LJ user icarus_abides)

Rating: Err, whatever the non-suable equivalent of ‘R’ is? Yea.

Summary: “It’s three weeks before she finally realizes that she has yet to cry.”

Disclaimer: Dude. They’re so not mine. Which is unfortunate... for me at least. Because I would love to have the money now. Believe you me.

Author Note: Many many thanks to my beta phrenitis (except for a teeny part in the middle that she didn't see, hehe). Yes, my tenses do suck. I hated to put you through that *hangs head in shame* Also, thank you anr for organizing such an awesome ficathon. Twas much fun. We should do it again some time. And, last but not least, thanks to all the other ficathon participants who have motivated me with such awesome material. You guys rock.

This one’s for naushika who wanted spilled coffee, a kiss (at the least), and angst. So I may have concentrated more on the third thing than the first two. Oops. And yea, she didn’t want rape, babies (I’m assuming the mention of children in general doesn’t count), or Elizabeth crying alot. No worries mate.

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